Project Greece has Soul was inspired from my strong need to remind my self
and other people of the beauty that surrounds us and we tend to take for granted.

Flying Greece

Extreme Aerial Dance / Meteora / Katerina Soldatou/ 250 meters Cliff

Greece has Soul at Santorini Island Greece

Being grateful for this Video Interview for ANT1 NEWS by Katerina Charalabakou and for all the videos and cooperations
with wonderful people presented and of course her interest
in my project Greece has Soul.

Mountain Parnitha suffered great damage from wildfire eight years ago.

Today, thanks to the work of many Charitable Organisations and volunteers, is green once again.

Special Thanks to SiXforNine for the song : When Roses turn Black

Extreme Aerial Dance at the Corinth Canal by Katerina Soldatou

Although I have done couple of underwater photo shootings, this is my first underwater video dance attempt. Since, its winter in Greece
and low temperatures reduce water clarity and body stamina we tried our best.

Keratea is a town in East Attica. Legend has it that when the barbarians came to attack Greece at the land of Keratea,Zeus and Hedes drew the coast together so they can talk and allowed only a strip of water in between. The Greeks were so very few so to give them a fighting chance Zeus and Hades summoned Poseidonis and asked him to send waves bigger than the barbarians ships.
People from that time say that even the Hades himself fought on the side of the Greeks. So the sea by the land of Keratea is known
as Kakia Thelassa (the Bad Sea) ever since.

Promotional Video by Katerina Soldatou

My journey all around Greece will be supported by my best friends Meteorites Jumping Team
who are pioneers in Rope jumping in Greece and experts in safety precautions.

Extreme Aerial Dance by Katerina Soldatou
Cinematography : Spiros Badios
Aerial Rigger : Ilias Fotinos